Getting Around In Batam For First Time Traveler

Whether for business or for leisure, Batam will surprise you in its own way. Even so, drop the business part, as this is the time for you to freed yourself from a nerve-wrecking daily routine. If you take a look on Batam Indonesia map, this island is not only the part of Riau archipelago, but also its geographical location that is pretty near to neighborhood country, Singapore. But don’t expect that Batam and Singapore are the same. Both places are different in nature, but in good way. Singapore gives you a definition of a country that is super busy, whilst Batam gives you the opposite impression.

Batam is an island with stunning beauty, more when it comes to the Beach. Reef coral, even the rarest one, you can find them in Batam. Set your travel plan to remote island, you can choose whether you want to have good time with underwater creatures through snorkeling ,trekking to explore the island, or you can grab your fishing equipment, find the a perfect spot around the island and go fishing. Batam through its beach resorts offers you with top grade service. Travelers who want to unwind the sore muscle and calm their mind, traditional royal spa is your ticket.

The abundance of fresh seafood, you can escape for awhile your diet as you know the best that it is really a rare occasion for you to taste fresh seafood. The fact that seafood is rich of substances that is good for your body, you don’t need to worry that much. After devouring tasty seafood, how about you go shopping? Apart from its picturesque beach, shopping in Batam is not to skip. The combination of good quality product and good price, who can resist?

Two options you have when setting a plan to have great time in Batam. If you live nearby or say that you are visiting nearby country like Singapore, for instance, ferry is best transportation for you. It takes about one hour from the said country to Batam. Pretty near, isn’t it? Another way, in case that get there by ferry is impossible, simply take plane, instead. Don’t expect to get around the island with bus, because it’s not very common there. Taxi, travel agency, and rent car are way more familiar. Sometimes taxi is very reliable, sometimes it is not. The same thing goes to rent car and travel agency. So choose your option and set your plan properly.