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The Beauty of Escape Rooms

Escape rooms have are now linked with team building events. Many organizations have found that escape rooms are environments that help with immediate team building relaxation needs, and long term lessons for better teams.
Escape rooms are immersive role-playing games in which the players are locked in a room and so have to solve some puzzle before they find the key to the locks. Escape rooms come with different designs and influences, such as haunted hotels, abandoned spaceships, tombs, prison cells, murder scenes, and such.

The appeal of escape rooms for team building events is the fact that you all have to work together to find a way out. They shall bond, and also have each individual make some contribution. There are even more benefits to it.

This is how the team gets to set a common goal. Their common interest of solving the mystery translates into better focus and unity back at work. This is how each department learns to focus better on their objectives, such as to hit those sales targets or to clear up any pending customer queries. They will start by looking at the problem individually, after which they will discuss among themselves what the problem could be, where they will see different versions. They will now look at the problem afresh and come up with a better solution to it as a team.

This shall be a way to learn more about each team member. We all have our ways of solving conflicts. The escape rooms shall reveal to the managers how those in departments handle conflicts. Conflict resolution assessment at work is hard to do. Escape rooms allow you to learn more about the team members You will thus manage to see their strengths and weaknesses. Those who need extra attention will be noted, as well as those who can work unsupervised.
Escape rooms also prime your mindset to the situation at hand. A mystery shall be how they get into the right mindset to solve it accordingly. The escape room shall be where this is put into practice.

Escape rooms also help managers note the disruptive members. There are people who are not ideal to be around when there is a problem to solve. These are unpleasant to be near, and only lead to discord in the rest of the team.

Escape rooms are a great way to get members engaged in an activity. They shall have fun observing and immersing themselves in the world the escape room creates. This is a good place for them to socialize more than the normal ways. They get to break from work and focus on having some fun for once.

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