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Steps to End Police Harassment and all Forms of Injustice

Nearly every day there are news reports in media narrating the unlawful arrest of many individuals by police in a coercive manner. The police brutality victims, are violated, looted, harassed, tortured, and sometimes battered to death. Therefore, this is a major challenge that can divide the society and betray the trust between people and country’s security forces. Police forces will never mistake about using excessive power against civilians if the government and justice institutions do not stand to stop it. For the sake of peace and justice, this problem has to be addressed so as to rebuild what has been destroyed. This article will highlight some of the key steps that can be taken so as to end police harassment and brutality.

One should not think that fighting any injustice in society requires just one person. Any venture will be accomplished if the majority of the population gives its support towards it. Since police brutality is something that bothers the entire society, people will always offer their support in case one stands to campaign against it. And you can be confident that police brutality is loathed by every single citizen. Since police brutality has come to every citizen’s attention, then you have their support if you advocate for them. All the exemplary societies have had the dark side of their histories, but through the unification of citizenry they have shaped a different society that values everyone. So, you need to start sensitizing a few people so that they sensitize more people until you will win the entire society.

Now that you have sensitized people against police brutality and unlawful arrests, your voice will be heard beyond, if you work with media. Media is the key to propagating your ideas quickly and accurately. Within a short period of time, your countrymen and foreigners will join and support you, just because you have used media to inform them. So, in meetings and demonstrations when denouncing police brutality, remember to invite both local and international media groups and have interviews with them.

The campaign and movement are all about denouncing policy brutality but not denouncing police as a whole If one part of the society is causing trouble, it does not have to be excluded but invited in discussion aiming peace. That is the only way for building peace. Activists therefore, have to denounce police brutality but still seek to address this problem with the government and the head department of the police. Activists have to make sure that the question is understood in the government and that police individuals who use excessive power are reprimanded. Bearing in mind that policy abusive behaviors have resulted into wounds, loss of money, and trauma to the victims. The government must fully compensate every victim accordingly and provide forfeiture to the culprits.

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