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Different Body Changes of Women After Giving Birth

There are many women nowadays who are still wondering how their body is going to end up after they have given birth. To learn some of the common changes that a woman may experience after birth, view here in this article.

Hair Loss Changes

Several weeks after you deliver a baby, you probably may start losing hairs. An average person tends to lose about 100 hairs a day, but it will actually be less during pregnancy simply because of the raging hormones. After the pregnancy is over, your body then will need to compensate and then lose extra hair during the first six months after delivering the baby. Theres nothing to worry though because your hair will later on return to normal again.

Discoloration of Skin

There are also some women who end sup developing the mask of pregnancy. This would be the tan-colored area thats around your eyes which will start to fade. Some women also ends up experiencing a red rash around their mouth as well as on their chin and some suffers with very dry skin as well. Such conditions will be gone within only a few weeks.

Changes on the Breasts

Women will usually have a flushed, swollen, sore and engorged with milk which occurs a day or two after they have given birth. When this is over, the swelling will then go down and three to four days later, your breast will sag due to the stretched breast skin. You also may experience having milk leakage for weeks even when you are not breastfeeding.

Stomach Change

After giving birth, your uterus will still be hard and round and you could in fact feel this by simply touching the naval. For about six weeks, this is going to turn about 2 ounces and you are not going to feel it even when you press your abdomen. The brown line which you probably noticed down the center of your lower abdomen also disappears.

Back Pains

The fact that it takes time for your stretched abdomen muscles to strengthen back again, your body is actually going to put extra weight towards your back muscles. This will then lead to back aches until you will have your abdominal muscles strengthened again. You could however consider seeing a chiropractor.


When you have experienced constipation during pregnancy, you may have a problem with it later on after giving birth. But having a diet thats high in fiber and drinking plenty of water, juices or milk will help in easing the pain.

Have Sweating Problems

Some women will start to experience excessive sweating during the night after they gave birth. This is actually because the body needs to remove some of the excessive fluids that were obtained during pregnancy.