On Zoos: My Rationale Explained

What is the Purpose of Animal Welfare and Why is it Treated as Something Important?

Animal welfare has been around for quite a time already. Human and animal relationship complements each other, you are important to them and they are important to you. The relationship should always stay mutual and should always complement each other and you should strive to keep it that way. You have the ability as an intelligent human being to care for them and to keep them safe from harms way. Animal welfare is most present in zoo’s and camp sites. Zoos display animals that are hard to find for normal persons living their normal lives so it is a great attraction for a lot of persons even if they aren’t interested in animals. It is important to remember that animal life is not easy in zoos but in can be great if made great. One big issue when it comes to zoos is that the animals that are being kept there usually only have a limited space to roam around and that isn’t really good but today that is turning around as improvements on the living conditions of animals in zoos are getting better thanks to animal welfare enthusiasts. Another spot where animals are seen roaming around and are being kept in captivity is camp sites.

Camp sites are places where animals and persons are able to interact with one another and are able to show the affection that both animal and person want to display between each other and it is important to take not that these interactions should be non violent. Zoo’s and camp sites both have persons and animals in them but they really differ from each other. Zoos and campsites have different procedures on how to display the animals and they also have quite different ways of treating their animals. The welfare of the animals are always kept in check in these places and attractions, the safety of the animals and how they are treated are monitored to ensure that the animals are being cared for. People have a sense of getting animal welfare in their moral compass and that we should treat all animals as fair as possible. Laws have been made in lots of countries when it comes to the issue of animal welfare. Petting zoos are one of the most favorable destination sites that people go to. You can easily feed the animals that are either domestically kept here and even the wild one’s too. These animals are safe enough that people are able to interact and play with them at times. Trained and docile are the common words that you can use to describe the animals that are kept here. Animal welfare is important and should be a priority in the lives of people.

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