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Understanding the Internet

The internet is vast in terms that are difficult to comprehend for most people. There are 130 trillion indexed web pages, which we can access, and makeup only a tiny part of the full picture. This makes you wonder where the rest of it is. There is new info coming out each day about that part that is yet to be fully understood. This is what shall be referred to as the deep and dark web.
The other side of the internet is what is called the deep and dark web. The parts we can access via Google are referred to as the surface web. The deep web is where Google cannot manage to crawl or index its websites. They usually are password-protected, such as a financial institution’s website. The deep web is 500 times bigger than the surface web. It is the largest portion of the internet. The dark web makes the smallest section of the internet. It is also the most unregulated part.
The dark web hosts all manner of illegal and inappropriate internet activity. You cannot access it via the normal web browsers. It is where there is no protection for those browsing. You need to keep off malware by signing up on an anonymous browser. The Tor browser is ideal. There shall be different URL extensions to those you normally apply. They have no .com, .net, or .edu, but use .onion.
You should expect a slow and archaic looking browsing experience. It shall mostly by text and few web design graphics if any. There are innocent as well as not so innocent sites there. A small part of this section is made up of illegal internet activity. While it is smaller than the illegal activities of the surface web, their effects are profound and the damage long-lasting. You shall find products and services such as human organs, uranium, sperm, deadly weapons, professional assassin services sold here. There is not much law enforcement has managed to stop in those areas.
The internet infrastructure comprises of billions of devices passing along data. In the internet, there is always storing, communicating, and computing data. There is a lot of data being manipulated, which speaks of its sheer size. The internet is looked at as having over 1 million exabytes of data, which is a quintillion byte of data. That figure is staggering, to say the least. It also comes up with 1.1 zettabytes of traffic per year. A zettabyte speaks of one trillion gigabytes.
These bits of info go to show how vast and yet to be comprehended the internet really is. There is so much we are yet to learn more about the internet. You will discover more when you take time to browse this site.