What No One Knows About Immigration

Contrast Between U.S Citizenship and U.S Green Card.

Any individual can be able to visit the United States and receive a United States green card when they have been able to pass all the required tests that are given by the immigration department. The United States is said to have been built by the immigrants that come to stay there back in the days and this is the reason why they get to allow many people to come in as immigrants to their country. If you are looking to have a green card for the United States, then you can be able to visit their immigration department where they have the powers to grant you the card and also the rights to decline your card once you have committed the crimes that can lead to your deportation. As soon as you have been able to get the chance to enter the country as an immigrant, you are given legal status as a green card holder by the immigration and customs enforcement.

A green card holder and the citizen of the United States are two things that get to confuse many people on their legal implications, and although they have the same rights, there are many differences that these two status have. The main difference that differentiates these two parties is that the citizen has the right to stay in the country for as long as they want while for the green card holder is only allowed to stay in the country as long as their card is still valid. For a green card holder, they can stay if their card is valid and that they do not get to engage in any kind of criminal activity that can lead them to get deported. As a United States citizen you have almost similar rights as a green card holder, but you can be able to vote in elections and also get to petition for any in-law to be granted asylum.

At the end of five years, a green card holder can be granted the citizenship of the United States as long as they did not engage in any activity that could go against the rules of their residency in the states. When you are applying for your citizenship after the five years are over, you are first provided with a form to fill out with true information and print it. Another thing that you are supposed to do is getting to pass the citizenship test that you are provided with so that you are granted the citizenship. The United States citizen cannot be deported in case they are involved in any felonious activity as opposed to the green card holder that can be deported in case their marriage is discovered to be a fraud or that they were involved in a severe felony.

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